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14 April 2010

Lily`s Thai silk on Lycra

buy now for only RM25!!! (click picture to enlarge)

13 April 2010

Lily`s Syria

buy now for only RM35!!! (click picture to enlarge)

05 April 2010

Lily`s anak tudung

anak tudung luvly lily....100% Lycra
buy now RM40.00.....only 2 left (grey colour)

p/s : only two left! hurry up. don't wait any longer. this item is seriously selling fast. couldn't be able to upload as this item has been bought on hand. HURRY HURRY!

31 March 2010

Lily`s Dubai

Buy Now.....RM20.00 (not including the price of the Grey Anak Tudung )


Tudung Ikin

Buy Now for only RM25.00!!! (sold out)
sorry girls...: ) the item is out of stock...keep urself updated with us..bcoz more design of ikin`s hijab will be uploaded soon....: )